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DP13M21-645B-LS, Double Acting

DC Hydraulic Power Unit,  Rated Power 4.5kW,DC24V

Drive double acting cylinder extending and retracting.

Choose the appropriate power and pump size according to the load of your application.
Optional Flow Control Valve (3): Return flow at cylinder retracting can be restricted by a optional flow control valve ( 3) with reverse flow check. The orifice in this valve could be specified according to customer’s specification.
2-way Solenoid Valve (4).You have two option on this 2-way solenoid valve :
1. No Manual Override (Default)。
2. With Manual Override。
Port Size: O-ring Boss SAE #6 (9/16-18UNF), on port A and B,Other port size upon customer’s requirement.

Standard Duty Cycle is S1=1 minute, S2 15%.Please consult us for Longer duty cycle.

Optional Tanks:Type MS, and Type LS, RP, LT and MT

Controller Options: KCB22, the basic remote control handset.