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Mocen was established in 2008, dedicated to the research and development, production, marketing, and technical services of small and micro hydraulic systems and their control systems. With efficient management, a skilled technical team, and excellent production processes, we serve over 300 domestic and international clients in various industries such as special vehicles, wind power, rail transportation, and logistics, with customers distributed worldwide in China, the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, and Southeast Asia.

In 2010, Mocen build the first all-in-one electro-hydraulic actuator for fully automated automatic bollards in China. To date, over 91.5% of core actuators used in security rising bollards in China utilize this technology. For the past twelve years, we have provided core electro-hydraulic actuators to over 90% of high-end security automatic bollards in China.

In 2018, we launched a new series of intelligent security bollard products. As a core technology manufacturer, we have top-notch independent research and development capabilities and manufacturing abilities. Adhering to the development philosophy of "creating value," we manufacture high-quality and high-value rising bollards, physical security equipment, and complete entrance and exit control solutions, systems, and services for customers and users, safeguarding urban security and protecting people's lives from terrorist attacks.

Mocen's products are widely used in public security, finance, transportation, energy, education, public facilities, and other industries. We have provided security equipment for the entrances and exits of numerous important units and facilities, including Tiananmen Square, Zhongnanhai, Tsinghua University, Qinhuai Data Center, Shanghai Nanjing Road, Hongqiao Airport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Huawei Shenzhen Headquarters, Israeli border checkpoints, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Today,

Mocen is a manufacturer of core technology for automatic bollards in China, including core actuators, assemblies, electrical control units, and central control platforms.

Moving forward, we are empowering automatic bollards with IoT, AI, and data security technologies.