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DP13H14*, Multi Double Acting

DC Hydraulic Power Unit

With Cetp03 Directional Valves, Multi Output

Driving multi double acting hydraulic cylinders extending and retracting.

Choose the appropriate power and pump size according to the load of your application.

Options for 3W4P directional valve(3), 1) Solenoid Directional Valve,     2) Solenoid Directional Valve with Manual Override
Duty cycle is generally S2-1 minute, S3 - 15%. It may be varies with loads , please consult us.

Port A and B, standard options: 1) G3/8 (BSPP 3/8"),  2) SAE#6(9/16-18UNF),  3. M14. To custom-built other port size, please consult us.

Optional Tanks:  Series RP, LS, LT, MS, MT, details refer to page BB.

Controller Options: 1) KCB Series, the basic remote control handset,  able to control 5 paths. 2) WRV Series, industrial grade wireless remote, able to control 3 paths max.

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