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Sample product description

TS Series, Mini HPU

Mini Hydraulic Power Pack for Automatic Bollards Vehicle Barrier

Miniature Size with Aluminum Housing

The oil-immersed AC motor was built inside a hard anodized aluminum housing with pump and valves.

All-Weather Capacity

TS unit is capable of working in extremely cold area because of it’s self-heating capability

IP68 Protection

Benefit from its total enclosure structure, the TS unit is capable of IP68 protection grade. It will be running well in any harsh working condition.

Product features

Functions & Features

1) Automatic Stop

TCP, TS and TP series are avaiable for a optional built-in pressure switch. It is for automatic cutoff when cylinder extending or retracting to the end.  It is good for avoiding system overheating from overload. We don’t suggest to use timer relay to stop the motor running.

2) Emergency Override

In case of blackout, motor failure or overheat,  there is a built-in 2-way solenoid valve (DC12V) as a emergency release valve to lower the bollard.  You should have a DC12V backup battery in the control system, and a switch. The lowest operating voltage to  energize the solenoid  valve is 9V.

4)  Duty Cycle

TCP、TS and TP series are all intermittent duty cycle.  they can continuously running in intermittently condition, all weather.  The ambient temperature will cause duty cycle changed. Larger oil capacity tank and filling more oil will improve the duty cycle. Please consult us.

Furthermore, water cooling is an option to improve the duty cycle by submerged under water.

5)  Overheat/Thermal Protection

There is a thermal switch built inside to protect motor and system from overheat after continuously running.

6)  Internal Heater

There is a optional built-in heater inside the unit. Generally, the built-in motor will heat the oil in the initial cycles. Please conside it if the unit will be installed in a cold area.   It will keep the oil warm to ensure the unit preform high speed in any time. The built-in heater will be cut off automatically when oil reach 45°C.

7)    Hydraulic Fluid

We recommend hydraulic fluid L-HM#22 or #32 for TS, TP and TCP series product which used in vehicle bollard /barrier applications.

The low our point hydraulic fluid should be used if the unit will installed in cold area, such as  L-HV#22/32. Higher viscosity will effect the rising or lower speed.

8)  Bottom Support and Cushion

Please avoid the cylinder to support load when bollard retracted. Especially for those High Security version. It may caused the damage due to the impact from high speed lowering  or  running vehicle.  An optional “Bottom Cushion” will help to reduce the impact when bollard lowered to the end.