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Sample product description

TP Series, Hydraulic Unit

Mini AC Hydraulic Power Unit, Super Compact, Total Enclosure IP68, 350W to 700W, for Security Bollard/Vehicle Barriers applications.

Compact structure, mini size

Electrical motor, pump, valves are integratedinside a aluminum housing, Mini size, low noise, better heat-sink, strong corrosion resistance.

IP68 Protection Grade

High protection grade IP68, benefit fromtotal enclosure structure.

All-weather Capability

It is capable of working in the ambient temperature-40°C to 50°C. Optional built-in heater will help the unit keep normal performance in extremely cold weather.

Flexible Length

What ever you want it shorter or longer according to your actual applications, we can built it easily.

Optional Accumulator Module

The optional accumulator module will bring you faster action in case of emergency situations, such as terror attack.

Product features